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VisionAid Lens Cleaning Liquids

VisionAid™ lens cleaning liquids are made up of 4 different formulas to meet all of your lens cleaning needs. All VisionAid Lens cleaning formulas are safe for cleaning glass, plastic, and polycarbonate lenses.


  • VisionAid™ Solution - Cleans and coats the lens with anti-fog, anti-static solution.  Contains no silicone.
  • VisionAid™ Pink Solution - Loosens grime and oily film for total easy removal.  Contains no silicone.
  • VisionAid™ Clear Solution - Conveniently cleans and protects from fogging and static in one easy step.  Contains no silicone.
  • VisionAid™ Heavy Duty Solution - Also availalbe containing silicone for added anti-fog, anti-static protection.
  • Eliminate static with anti-fog solution.
  • Total compliance with OSHA standards.

Part Numbers

1LCL2112 2 oz w/ flip top cap
1LCL2112WSP 2 oz w/ spray pump
1W203SP 2 oz Pink w/ spray pump
1W503SP AF/AS Cleaner 2oz spray top
1LCL211E 3 1/2 oz w/ flip top cap
1W205 3.5 oz Pink w/flip top cap
1W505 3.5 oz Clear w/flip top cap
1LCL211A 8 oz Cleaner w/flip to cap
1LCL211AWSP 8 oz Cleaner w/spray pump
1W208 8 oz Pink w/flip top cap
1W208WSP 8 oz Pink w/spray pump
1W508 8 oz Clear w/flip top cap
1W508WSP 8 oz Clear w/spray pump
1LCL211B 16 oz w/ twist off cap
1LCL211BWSP 16 oz w/ spray pump
1LCL211BSP Spray Pump for 16oz Bottle
1W216 16 oz Pink w/twist off cap
1W216WSP 16 oz Pink w/spray pump
1W516 16 oz Clear w/twist off cap
1W516WSP 16 oz Clear w/spray pump
1LCL211C 1 Gal w/ twist off cap
1W297 Pink 1 Gallon Container
1W597 Clear 1 Gallon Container
1LCL216 Aerosol 15oz can
1LCL211BHD Rainbow Liquid 16oz twist off
1WAP8 Spray Pump for 8oz Bottle

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