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Radians Receives a 100% Perfect Supplier Score in an International Vendor Evaluation

July 11, 2012, Posted in News

Evaluating vendors and suppliers is a continuous purchasing and quality control task, especially if you are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, such as Radians. Radians conducts evaluations on its vendors to meet its ISO 9001:2008 certification requirements, and likewise, Radians also gets evaluated by other companies who are fulfilling their ISO 9001:2008 evaluation duties.

Urigo Limited is a major player and leader in the PPE industry in Colombia, South America, where they have supplied safety solutions and technical support for the last 60 years. Urigo Limited has many large key PPE accounts including Ecopetrol, Petrobras, Holcim, and Unilever.  Radians is one of Urigo’s main suppliers to these accounts. Recently, Urigo conducted their annual supplier evaluation on Radians and some of our competitors, including Honeywell, MSA, and MCR.

Luis Soto, Director of Latin American Operations for Radians, reports that Radians scored a 100% perfect supplier score in Urigo Limited’s annual supplier evaluation, scoring higher than Honeywell, MSA, and MCR.  Radians was judged on several categories including technical consulting, warranties, product return, quality, price, and customer service.

Safety Marketing Group honors Radians with a Peak Performer Award

May 15, 2012, Posted in News

Safety Marketing Group honors Radians with a Peak Performer Award at their annual Partnership Conference in Las Vegas. Accepting the award on behalf of Radians are President Bill England, Pete Esposito, Dave Larimer, and Rex Kent.



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