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Interview: Radians, Inc. – A Leader in Personal Protective Equipment

October 28, 2014, Posted in News

By Steve Gramins, October 22, 2014

A successful day at the range or in the field is a combination of several key factors working hand in hand: a well-maintained firearm, quality ammunition, and – perhaps, most importantly for personal safety – top-notch ear and eye protection. Memphis-based Radians, Inc., has been protecting shooters and hunters with innovative safety eyewear and hearing protection for seventeen years.

Grand View Outdoors sat down with Joe Smith, Vice President of Radians, to find out more about one of the leaders in personal protective equipment.

Grand View Outdoors:How and when did Radians get its start? 

Radians, Inc.: Radians was founded in 1997 basically on the introduction of one product, the AV, a combination hearing (Audio) and eyewear (Visual) protection product. Our focus in 1997 was Safety Eyewear and Hearing Protection in the Sporting Goods channel.  Seventeen years later, we have a comprehensive line of quality products for the Sporting Goods channel that includes premium Crossfire by Radians eyewear, electronic and passive earmuffs, disposable hearing protection, high-visibility apparel, and performance gloves. We have partnered with Remington, Bone Collector, and Smith & Wesson to provide our customers with a variety of PPE products that meet the functional and style demands of the marketplace.

GVO:Describe the particulars of your business – the services/products you offer, your typical customer, etc. 

RI: Radians offers a comprehensive line of PPE products for the Sporting Goods Industry including ANSI Z87 eyewear, electronic, passive, and disposable hearing protection, gloves, and RadWear high visibility apparel. Our products are sold through authorized distributors and can be found in major retail stores that serve the hunting, shooting, and sport enthusiast. Our end users include hunters, shooters, public safety professionals, law enforcement and first responders, and sport enthusiasts. We also have several products geared towards youth and female shooters, such as our Youth Combo Kit and pink ProAmp electronic earmuff and Pink Performance Shooting Gloves.

GVO: When and how did Radians become involved in the hunting and shooting sports? 

RI: After the introduction of the AV in 1997, Radians became more involved in the Sporting Goods industry by listening to our customers and end-users and developing a comprehensive product assortment for hunters and shooters. Radians expanded its team by adding experienced professionals that have a passion for and are active in the Shooting Sports. With this expertise, Radians was able to introduce new products, such as custom-molded earplugs and electronic hearing protection. The success of these new products paved the way for more growth and more new products.

GVO:Describe several keys to the success and longevity of your business.

RI: Several key factors have contributed to Radians’ success and longevity. We listen to end-users, respond to market demands, and offer customer-specific solutions. We offer JIT shipments to meet the logistical demands of the sporting goods and fast-paced public safety markets – order by 3 p.m. and your in-stock item ships the same day via UPS Ground. We also offer low $250 minimum retail orders with free freight and custom imprinting with fast 7-day turnaround times. We seek continuous improvement, such as our recent NVLAP Accreditation to test and certify hearing protective devices (NVLAP Lab # 500090-0).  Plus we test our products to meet or exceed standards including ANSI Z87.1+, VO Ballistics (0.15 caliber), CSA Z94.3-1992, ASTM1506, etc. All of our products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities.

GVO: How do you work at growing your customer base? 

RI: We participate in over 15 Sporting Goods trade shows, including SHOT Show, NASGW, Distributor Shows, Buying Group Shows and more. We have a grass-roots marketing movement where we participate in shooting competitions and charity donations, such as our recent donation to the Ronald McDonald House for their Kids & Clays Foundation fundraiser. We engage in social media, email marketing, and some digital and print advertising.  Again, we listen to our customers and end-users and develop new and innovative products that appeal to our growing customer base. 

GVO: Tell us about new and exciting products for outdoor enthusiasts from Radians this year. 

RI: Outdoor enthusiasts have gravitated toward our new retail line of premium Crossfire eyewear. This protective ANSI Z87 eyewear offers protection and style in a variety of sleek designs and lens choices. We have also introduced tactical products, such as performance gloves with floating knuckle guards and VO Ballistic eyewear, for law enforcement and military. We recently redesigned some of our Remington styles and just launched a line of cooling products called Arctic Skull that includes a cooling towel, headband, and head shade.


Radians for Youth and Women

March 18, 2013, Posted in News

Story from

Posted on March 6, 2013 by huntingmotherearth

I have been using Radians products for more years than I am going to admit to in writing.  Many years ago I was suffering from an inner ear problem, and I couldn’t be around shooting without being in pain. My husband bought me my first set of electronic earmuffs at that time, they were my first Radians.  I was so impressed, I was like a little kid running around telling everyone who would listen how thrilled I was with my hearing protection.  Many of the shooters I was bragging to, had never had a pair of electronic earmuffs, and couldn’t understand how you could hear better, but not blow out your eardrums when shooting, while wearing them.  But, they all went out and bought the same earmuffs I had, after using mine for just a little while!  They became believers!

Now we return to the present, and I am still running around telling everyone how great they are!  I still have my original pair, and they still work great, but I have added to that one over the years.

The Hunter’s Ears model has to be the best all around model I have used.  They feature the dual independently controlled microphones which enhance and amplify sound, while they automatically compress the harmful sudden noise from a muzzle blast.  Like all of the Radians earmuffs, they can be folded very compactly for protection of the unit and ease of storage.  They are comfortable to wear, with lots of adjustment for different sized heads.  I tend to forget I even have them on!

HE4P00CSThe Prowl Ears model is a behind the ear version that still has the amplification and compression features.  These are extremely small and easy to transport and pack.  The package includes 2 units and will work both in the woods or on the job.  Wearing this model, you can easily wear a hat or head band for warmth.

Prowl Ear_PR2601CSMy new favorite pair is the Enhance Ear!  The are a very small design that fits comfortably and securely into your ear.  Like the other electronic hearing protection that Radians offers, these can do the double duty of sound application and harmful sound compression. These do the job of their bigger brothers, while leaving you the freedom of hats, headband and eye glasses without any conflicting. I wore these the entire time I was hog hunting in Alabama recently.  They made hearing the faint hog noises much easier, while of course not doing any damage to my hearing from my shots!  Plus no extra weight to carry around with you!  These will be going to South Africa with me in a couple of months.  I need to watch what I pack because of weight, and these don’t weigh enough to make any difference in my luggage, but they will definitely make a difference when we are sighting in our rifles and hunting!

Enhance Ear_TA2701CSFor my grandchildren, I am loving the new Women and Youth models!  They now offer a Pink Pro-Amp model, which of course is pink.  They feature the dual independent microphones which amplifies your normal conversations while keeping the harmful impulse noises to a safe level. The headband is padded with a moisture wicking material.  These are designed for the smaller heads that we women tend to have.  My granddaughters have been fighting over this pair, so I will probably be adding another into our collection!

Pink Pro-Amp_PAP700CSThere are several combination packs that are offered for Women and Youth.  There is a T-71P/MP22C that pairs the performance shooting glasses with the slim design passive earmuffs.  This combo comes in pink, with the shooting glasses having tasteful accents in pink.  These earmuffs have a Noise Reduction Rating (NNR) of 22.

There is also the True Jr. Combo kit, which has the silver colored True Jr. Earmuuffs designed specifically for the younger shooter.  These are passive, and have a NNR of 21.  This kit also includes the youth model shooting glasses, with 3 interchangeable lens colors.

My grandchildren shoot often with us, so it is important to have eye and hearing protection that not only fits correctly, but also protects their delicate ears and eyes.  These models fit the bill, and also require no batteries!  We used to let them use our electronic versions, and we would have to purchase new batteries absolutely every time we used them.  The kids would inevitably leave the microphones turned on, even after they were done wearing them.  These passive models are perfect for the kids that would forget.

Radians manufactures for several different companies, including Remington.  They have also came out with a complete line of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector shooting glasses and hearing protection.  Fashionable and functional performance!

I use my hearing protection for every situation.  They go from shooting and hunting to cutting firewood and running other equipment.  The next time you are in the market for a new set of hearing protection, look for the Radians name, you will not be disappointed!  They have a hearing protection for every application and budget!

These products can be purchased at Cabelas, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Sears, Amazon and many other retailers.  They range in price from $15.99 for the Low Set Ear Muffs to around $100 for the Hunter’s Ear model.  And the best part…They are Made in the USA!!


Photo Credit:  Diane Hassinger

Radians Youth Kits Protect Eyes & Ears & Make Great Christmas Gifts for Young Shooting Enthusiasts

November 26, 2012, Posted in News



MEMPHIS, TN—November 20, 2012—Young shooters and hunters need to learn early in life that protecting their ears and eyes during a hunt or at the shooting range is paramount to saving their hearing and vision over the long haul.  Young sporting enthusiasts can easily and affordably protect both their ears and eyes with the Radians Youth Combo Kit.

This premium kit contains a youth-sized ear muff to protect hearing from gunshot blasts. It also contains an interchangeable shooting glass with a lens design that lets you easily switch between three lens colors:  clear, silver mirror, and amber.  A microfiber carrying bag and microfiber accessory lens storage pouch are also included to easily protect and carry the shooting glass.

If you already have hearing protection, the interchangeable shooting glass mentioned above comes as a separate kit called the Radians Youth 3 Lens Kit. Both kits make great Christmas present s for the young sporting enthusiast in your life.

For more information about Radians quality personal protective products for shooters and hunters, call 1-877-RADIANS or visit their website at or  Facebook page at

Radians Supports West Salem Rod & Gun Club's 8th Annual Youth Day

June 25, 2012, Posted in News

Sponsored in part by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), the West Salem Rod & Gun Club gave children up to 13 years old the ability to participate in RMEF’s program called SAFE (Shooting Access for Everyone).

At the event, SAFE introduced young and novice shooters to safe and responsible firearm use, which included the wearing of Radians shooters glasses and hearing protection. The children also learned about the hunter’s role in conservation and the North American Wildlife Conservation Model. The youth had the opportunity to shoot an Air Rifle with help from RMEF SAFE mentors or experienced shooters.

“Shooting competitions and youth day events are an integral part of Radians grass-roots marketing efforts to showcase our products among shooters and hunters,” says Jim Hink, Director of Marketing.  “These events allow us to foster goodwill among the community and the shooting clubs while simultaneously grooming our youth to become safety conscious.”

Mary Padron, Marketing Communications & Event Coordinator for Radians, works with the various associations and clubs to supply them with Radians safety products, banners, and marketing literature. “Sometimes, we get photos from the events, such as these posted here; and you get to see firsthand how our products keep people safe and make them happy too!”


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